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Hulda Clark Zapper Chart

Hulda Clark Zapper Comparison

This comparison chart shows the main types of "Hulda Clark zappers" we have found for sale. They are compared by published specifications, unless we have been able to test them in our lab. Units tested in our lab are marked with an asterisk(*). Note that true Hulda Clark zappers are those designed to meet the performance guidelines outlined in the black text box on page 15 of "The Cure for All Diseases."

Let us know if we have missed one that you would like to see here, or if you spot errors on our part.

We've received some emails asking us to test certain older and/or generic zappers, and here is the response:

  • We do not review outdated zappers

  • 90% of zappers currently available are generic 555-based zappers which do not require separate testing since they use the circuit in Dr. Clark's books.

  • Some 555-based units, such as the Parazapper series, "The Ultimate Zapper" and the Terminator zapper series have been included because we continue to get questions about them.

Dr. Hulda Clark's specifications exclude all devices based on the work of Dr. Bob Beck, including his "zapper"/colloidal silver maker/plant growth stimulator, Brain Tuner, and magnetic pulser.  Dr. Hulda Clark's definition of "zapper" also excludes most "Rife type" devices that I have tested, which generally produce AC output, with negative pulses that can make parasites GROW. See "The Cure for HIV and AIDS," page 71, third paragraph, for details on the dangers of negative pulses.



DCRA Zapper DeLuxe 2006
(Biowave Generator

Parazapper CCa

A6 Zapper

Generic 555-based devices(*)The Ultimate ZapperTerminator II

100% Positively-offset output voltage


Extreme battery life (over 500 hours on one battery)

YesNo (about 20 hours)NoNo (about 15 hours)NoNoNo

Confirmation of proper current flow (e.g. the SenseLED on the Auto-Zap5)


Automatic timing and shutoff


Output protected against static shock damage


Expert Telephone support

6 Variations of Zapping Yes No No No No No No

Other Zapper "Features" claimed by others

Constant Wave





This is a marketing term used to describe the effects of removing the current-limiting resistance, and is functionally identical to the Super Stabilized Wave (see below). As Dr. Clark demonstrates in "The Cure for HIV and AIDS" the zapper waveform will naturally "round off" under load (ie, while zapping) and the "Constant Wave" actually prevents this natural alteration of the zapper waveform into the ideal waveform, actually reducing effectiveness of the zapper while increasing risk of damage to delicate tissues. Here is Dr. Clark's ideal zapper waveform from "The Cure for HIV and AIDS," page 514:

Superior (Super) Stabilized Wave

This is a marketing term invented by the DCRA to describe the removal of a current-limiting stage in the output of the Super Zapper DeLuxe zapper models. This current limiting was intended by Dr. Hulda Clark to prevent tissue damage. Removing it is not a benefit, and is not endorsed or approved by Dr. Clark, who prefers that her devices be unconditionally safe and effective.

Superior Harmonics

This is another marketing term which has led some people to believe that harmonics are a desirable feature in a Zapper. It is a claim based on the removal of the current limiting resistance as noted above, producing a sharper waveform.


The idea of using a Zapper for electroporation therapy is uninformed nonsense, as the voltages involved (typically 10,000 - 100,000 volts per cm) are far too high for any home use device, much less a safe, effective Zapper designed to Dr. Clark's specifications.

AC Adapter

We purposely do not include an AC adapter because the potential for catastrophic failure and electric shock would undo all the good we are accomplishing with the Zapper.


Zapper Chart - Features List

(*) Generic 555 timer-based devices - (Parazapper, Parazapper CCa, The Ultimate Zapper, The Terminator, Terminator II)

(**) Available as an extra cost option


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