Under counter water filter



Under Counter Water Filter



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To watch a short installation video, see this link. 


Just scroll to the 8 minute point to go directly to the installation.

Note:  The video is a bit dated, but the information is still accurate.

Note 2: Some of the pre-install set up is done for you already now. (water lines, pressure regulator now come pre-assembled.)



You have chosen the very latest innovation in point-of-use water filtration and purification. Your WHOLLY WATER ® Appliance was engineered to be the most effective, durable and convenient drinking water treatment device available. It will provide years of sparkling, clean drinking and cooking water "ON DEMAND" for about a penny a gallon. This product is for use on potable well water that has been treated to municipal standards. For cold water use only.


Water flow through Unit must be under 100º F. Performance and life may vary depending on water quality.  Replace anytime after 6 years. This product has no effect on water hardness.

Important!  Water pressure over 60 psi will void warranty and may adversely affect performance of Appliance.  Your device now comes with a pressure regulator pre-installed.

Step 1 Install the long-reach drinking water faucet.  Please follow these instructions for drilling porcelain-covered iron sinks. Never attempt to drill a vitreous china sink.

If your sink has a standard 1-1/2” diameter hole available, you may use it for easy installation.  Be sure to use a large, chrome-plated washer above the sink with a corresponding washer underneath.

Sink drilling instructions:
Carefully choose desired position on a flat area of the sink. Be sure point is at least 4 inches from the corner.  Place tip of carbide drill directly onto point selected. Then, before drill rotation, firmly press downward until a slight grinding sound is audible. This sound will indicate that you have fractured the porcelain, which will prevent the drill from walking. Begin drilling while applying firm, downward pressure. Be very careful when drill is breaking through. Drill may have a tendency to grab.

Note: If firm pressure is not applied during the initial drilling operation, progress will be retarded and difficult. Inadequate pressure will also cause unnecessary wear on the drill. Strong pressure is suggested.

Using a high-speed drill bit, drill a 7/16” or 1/2” diameter hole in selected area of sink rim.
Make small indentation with punch to prevent drill from walking.

Using a carpenters’ drill or high-speed drill bit, drill a 7/16” or 1/2” diameter hole.

First, remove all hardware from the faucet base except the rubber washer. Put threaded portion of the faucet through newly drilled or existing hole with the handle in desired position. Now anchor the faucet in position with flat washer, lock washer, and nut. Use a wrench on the flat sides of the faucet to maintain original position. Make certain to protect faucet finish by using a cloth between the wrench jaws and the faucet.

Step 2: Position the appliance on level floor under the sink in a convenient location. Turn off cold water supply.

Note: Go to Step 3 or 4 depending on parts supplied. Some Units have these pre-assembled.
If so, you can skip step 5 thru 7. Make sure connections are tight as directed.

Step 3: Place the saddle valve on the cold water line. Make sure the rubber seal is in place. Tighten the 2 small bolts. Turn the T handle in to pierce a hole in the copper or plastic pipe. Turn it back to open the flow.

Step 4: Mark the copper cold water line in 2 places, 5/8” apart, approx. 4 to 6 inches above the shut-off. Cut the line on both marks and remove the 5/8” piece. This must be accurate since the tee fits in this space.  Attach the tee to the line closest to the shut-of first. This will make the completion of the tee installation easier.

Step 5: Attach 1 backwash insert to end of black tube coming from regulator (inlet tube).
Note: Do not cross thread or over tighten.

Step 6: Attach the other backwash insert to either end of the blue 3/8” plastic tube (outlet tube).
Note: Do not cross thread or over tighten.

Step 7: Attach black inlet tube to 3/8” compression tee. Make sure plastic compression sleeve (Ferrule) is on tube first, and then plastic insert is inside tube.

Step 8: Attach blue outlet tube to faucet.

Step 9: Note: Keep backwash plugs straight. Improper alignment can cause leaking or plug breakage.

Step 10: Turn on cold water supply and check for leaks.

BREAK-IN INSTRUCTIONS  (See drawing #11)
First, the appliance must be run in the backwash cycle for 10 minutes.

(1) Turn WHOLLY WATER ® faucet ON.

(2) Plug insert on blue tubing from drinking water faucet into the “IN” coupling on top of appliance.

(3) Plug insert on black tubing from compression tee into the “OUT” coupling on top of appliance.

(4) Allow water to run for a full 10 minutes.

Note: At first, your water will sputter and run dark momentarily. This is a normal, temporary condition common to ALL filtration devices containing granulated carbon. After backwashing for 10 minutes, return the “IN” and “OUT” inserts to their normal filtering positions. (Feed water line (black) to “IN” coupling and faucet line (blue) to “OUT” coupling.) Turn faucet ON again and allow water to run for an additional 5 minutes to reset the media beds and flush the lines.

Your appliance is now ready for service. You WHOLLY WATER ® unit is a heavy-duty APPLIANCE; not a typical carbon filter.  It contains nearly 12 pounds of filter media. Accordingly, there will be considerable amount of air bubbles generated as air in the dry, multi-media beds is replaced by water. This harmless, bubbly effervescence, which appears to “gray” your water temporarily, will rapidly cease with use. But can take several days or longer.


**Periodically, check for leaks at all connections!**


Backwash every 3 months for 10 minutes or anytime flow rate slows noticeably. To backwash, simply reverse the “IN” and “OUT” inserts and turn faucet on for 10 minutes. To filter again, return the “IN” and “OUT” inserts to their normal positions and turn faucet on for 5 minutes to re-set the media beds and to flush the lines.

In most instances, you can easily connect your appliance using an ice maker humidifier kit or equivalent parts. Simply install a 3/8” x 1/4” tee with a shut-off in the blue tubing, which goes to the drinking water faucet. Run 1/4” tubing to ice maker on refrigerator.
IMPORTANT! Water supply to ice maker MUST be “OFF” during ALL backwash cycles, INCLUDING BREAK-IN.


Wholly Water filter backwash cycle
Make sure plugs are not in a bind.  To prevent breakage, keep plug inserts straight up and down when pushing them down into black top of Wholly Water Appliance.
Wholly Water Cold Water Supply Wholly Water Appliance Installation

Pressure Regulator Included with every unit. Please do not remove or adjust Pressure Regulator. This will void Warranty.


Water Filter Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator is preset at factory to 40 psi outlet pressure. This will ensure one (1) gallon per minute water flow. Do not remove or adjust pressure regulator.

Make sure pressure regulator is connected correctly to the "IN" and "OUT". Pressure regulator is attached to the black line of the Wholly Water Unit.

Do not allow Teflon tape to block openings on regulator.  Start tape on second thread.
Screw in fittings about 1/2 of the way into regulator.  Leave 1/2 of thread showing.  Over tightening fittings will restrict and/or stop water flow.



The "Ultimate" Drinking Water Filter Kit - Just $499!

The Wholly Water Purification System Includes the Following:

  • 5 Stage Patented Ultimate Water Filter
  • Dedicated Long-reach Faucet
  • Pressure Regulator - 3/8 inch
  • Water Alarm with Remote Sensor
  • Video Instructions/Instructions
  • 2 year unconditional warranty:  If the WHOLLY WATER® Drinking Water Purifier fails to perform, it will be repaired or replaced FREE! 

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Items include with the Wholly Water Undersink Filter

Long-reach faucet with black plastic push-down handle. Color: Silver metallic.


Water Alarm with Remote Sensor
Warns of leaks and overflows in bath, kitchen, laundry, furnace, computer rooms or anywhere there is a potential for leaks.  It's cheap insurance if you have any kind of filter.


Pressure Regulator


We send connection for a 3/8" pipe size, but also have a 1/4" connection available. 


Considerations before buying:

1) The filter measures 19" height, 8" diameter. Make sure it will fit.  Otherwise you may need to locate it elsewhere, depending on your home's layout.  In this event, you can get the extra fittings to place the filter in your garage or basement, or even the cabinet next to your sink. We may need to discuss your needs to get you the right equipment.

2) The drinking water filter uses it's own dedicated faucet.  Normally a pre-existing hole is used.  If no hole exists, a whole can be drilled. You may need a special drill bit for ceramic sinks/countertops. Ask your plumber. Or, a hole can also be drilled into the countertop, right next to the sink, as in picture. 

(In this picture, I personally would have used the soap dispensor whole!) 

Click here to see easy install instructions.