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Actived Oxygen


Activated Oxygen


BiomagScience Activated Oxygen increases blood oxygen percentage for raising energy & increasing healing and first aid for burns, Stings, bites, poison ivy - often used with Bio-Negative Energized Water. Four month’s daily supplemental supply (8oz)

Food, Water, Oxygen… the sustenance of life.

The Importance of Oxygen
Oxygen is the metabolizing and detoxifying agent of the body. All cellular tissue needs oxygen to function. A lack of oxygen at a cellular level is a main cause behind many illnesses and diseases.
When individuals are very ill the first thing they receive in the hospital is pure oxygen. Oxygen deprivation is one of the main causes of weakening the immune system. Increased oxygenation strengthens the immune system.

Poor diet, inadequate exercise, environmental toxins, emotional and physical stress, in conjunction with the general depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere, leads to the unhealthy condition of acidosis the body. To neutralize the acidity, the body requires more oxygen.


What is BAO?

BiomagScience Activated Oxygen is a non-toxic, aqueous solution of various oxides of chlorites with a high concentration of oxygen in molecular form.  A very DETAILED description is included in the 
Activated Oxygen is a safe method ­- drops are added to water - of elevating the body's oxygen levels. Activated Oxygen is safe; it cannot over-oxidize the cells because the iron atoms in the red blood cells (oxygen-carriers) only release the amount of oxygen the cells can utilize.


Activated Oxygen and magnetic therapy are intended to benefit normal structure and function and are not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles.
Oxygen plays a crucial role in the 21st century where pollution and stress sabotage our health.
Activated Oxygen addresses the needs of the body and helps ensure vitality, increased mental alertness, resistance to flu and many other health conditions.

Oxygen functions to:
  • Catalyze cellular constituents for metabolism and energy production
  • Stimulate the growth and development of normal, beneficial (aerobic) bacteria
  • Kills viruses and infectious (anaerobic) bacteria
  • Detoxifies cellular tissue by removing waste via the circulatory system; carbon dioxide is transported in the blood to the lungs where an exchange of large quantities of oxygen and carbon dioxide take place.