Whole House Water Filter

.Whole House Water Filters, by Waterboy


Features of Whole House Water Filter:

Filters every drop of water entering the house, providing clean water to kitchen sinks, refrigerator, bathroom sinks, showers, tubs, dishwasher, and washing machine. whole-house-water-filter-top



4-Stage Filter with 5th Stage that conditions/softens water without salt or chemicals.
Premium, specially treated coconut shell carbon and acid washed bituminous carbon is excellent for its ability to adsorb organic contaminants such as chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, industrial chemicals, trihalomethanes (THMs), and many more poisonous materials. The list is long and that is great for you.
Catalytic carbon is a class of activated carbon especially useful for removing chloramines and hydrogen sulfide from drinking water.
KDF Media further control heavy metals, toxic gases, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, calcium carbonate, magnesium, chromium, bacteria, algae, fungi, and more!
Fine silica quartz filtration media which removes dirt and sediment.
Natural water softener leaves healthy minerals in!  The patented multi-field water conditioning unit is a critical component in every Water Boy system. The multi-field module conditions the water non-chemically by restructuring and realigning the polarity of the mineral molecules, without removing the minerals from the water.
Optional 6th Stage Fluoride removal tank.
Lasts 15-20 years with no media changes! The backwash cycle maintains media effectiveness.
No maintenance required!  Back washes automatically.  "Set it and forget it"!
Economical! For around $20 per month, your family with have fresh, clean, healthy water delivered to every faucet and appliance in your home.


The WATERBOY whole house water filter uses 4 stages of filtration and 1 stage of conditioning.  (optional 2nd tank for filtration of fluoride and arsenic)


Stage 1

A combination of pharmaceutical grade
activated coconut shell and acid washed bituminous carbon is specifically formulated for taste and odor improvement, while eliminating the harmful effects of chlorine, disinfectants, and volatile compounds. (VOCs) 

Stage 2

Catalytic carbon is a highly activated granular carbon manufactured by steam activation of select coconut shell charcoal, which reduces chloramines and hydrogen sulfide. It is particularly well suited for low molecular weight organic compounds and their chlorinated by-products such as chloroform and other trihalomethanes, THM’s. 
It also has all the adsorptive characteristics of conventional activated carbons.

Stage 3

Patented K.D.F. 55 redox media consisting of high-purity copper-zinc granules.  It is an ANSI/NSF (42/ 61) certified EPA approved bacteriostatic filtration media that controls microorganisms, removes heavy metals, chlorine, and extends the life of granular activated carbon.

Stage 4

An internal sediment filter of fine silica quartz filtration media which removes dirt and sediment in the water.



Stage 5

The patented multi-field water conditioning unit is a critical component in every Water Boy system. The multi-field module stands head and shoulders over any presently used system in the world today. The multi-field module conditions the water non-chemically by restructuring and realigning the polarity of the mineral molecules, without removing the minerals from the water.

Automatic Backrinse Control

The Fleck Electro mechanical automatic back rinse control valve, automatically back flushes and repositions all filtration media weekly, thereby enhancing the absorptive capacity and extending the active life of the filtration media for 10-15 years

What is the Result?

It’s water that feels better, tastes better and improves every appliance that uses water. Conditioned water cleans better and has a natural smoothness to it without removing the calcium and magnesium. In contrast, traditional water softeners add sodium or potassium to the water , which requires regular cost and maintenance. With the WATERBOY™ System, you never have to add anything, which makes it maintenance free.

No Maintenance Required

No maintenance is required because the system automatically back flushes, rinses and cleans itself between two and four times per month depending on usage. In most cases a filter change is not required for approximately 10-15 years. You don’t have to do anything except enjoy the benefits of fresh filtered, conditioned water always tasting terrific.


Why Activated Charcoal (Carbon)?

whole-house-water-filter-carbonDr. Clark and other respected researchers have found that Activated Charcoal, or Carbon, is the very best product for eliminating polluted chlorine in your water supply. Activated Charcoal is charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. The use of special manufacturing techniques results in highly porous charcoals that have surface areas of 300-2000 square meters per gram. Activated Charcoals are widely used to adsorb odorous or colored substances from gases or liquids. The huge surface area of Activated Charcoal gives it countless bonding sites. When certain chemicals pass next to the carbon surface, they attach to the surface and are trapped. Also, Activated Charcoal removes some substances by catalytic reaction known as redox.  (chlorine, for example).

We have carefully selected from many sources the highest quality Activated Coconut Charcoal (Carbon) available on the market. We pre-treat it with hot water so you can start using your Whole House Water Filter immediately—without an initial hot-water backwash.

Why Loose Carbon Media?

Solid carbon media is subject to “channeling.” Channeling refers to water passing through least resistant path of the carbon pores, thus reducing contact time with carbon. The result? Your water can pass right through the solid carbon media on these “familiar, friendly pathways” with only a minimum of filtering!  Loose Carbon Media, on the other hand, can be periodically repositioned by means of a hot-water backwash. This means that your water will not be able to establish those familiar, friendly pathways that enable it to pass through your system virtually unfiltered. With periodic hot-water backwashes, your Whole House Water Filter will always perform at an optimum level to provide you and your family with clean, fresh tasting water. 
Organic and Volatile Organic Chemical Contaminants Removed by the Whole House Water Filter:
Below is a partial list of contaminants the Activated Charcoal Whole House Water Filter removes from ordinary tap water.
 For a more complete indicator on these an other pollutants, please see this "White Paper" on The Ability of Activated Carbon to Remove Various Substances From Water.
  • whole-house-water-filter-heateracetone
  • alcohol
  • benzenes
  • butyl acetate
  • chlorine
  • chlorobenzene
  • defoliants
  • dyes
  • ethyl acetate
  • ethyl chloride
  • formaldehyde
  • gasoline
  • glycol
  • herbicides
  • insecticides
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • ketones
  • methyl acetate
  • mercury
  • M.T.B.E.
  • naptha (coal tar)
  • nitrotoluene
  • oxalic acid
  • phenol
  • potassium permanganate
  • propionaldehyde
  • sodium hypochlorite
  • solvents
  • tar emulsion
  • trichlorethylene
  • turpentine
  • urine
  • xylene


Please note that carbon medium is generally not effective in removing large amounts of the following contaminants:  Bacteria, fluoride, arsenic, cadnium, iron and other heavy metals, and radioactive materials. Some carbon filters can be configured to remove lead. Lead is generally NOT a problem with most public water supplies. It is old, lead pipes in the home that are the culprit. If you suspect high levels of lead, add ionic filtration, KDF (redox), and /or get a high quality point-of-use filter like our Wholly Water unit.   More on lead here.


Why Catalytic Carbon?

Catalytic carbon converts adsorbed hydrogen sulfide (H2S) into sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid which are water soluble, so carbon systems can be regenerated with water washing to restore H2S capacity for less frequent physical change-outs.

Catalytic carbon is created by altering the surface structure of activated carbon. It is modified by gas processing at high temperatures to change the electronic structure and create the highest level of catalytic activity on carbon for reducing chloramine and hydrogen sulfide in water. This added catalytic functionality is much greater than that found in traditional activated carbons.

Safe and effective

More effective than conventional carbons; catalytic activity promotes a variety of chemical reactions.   Faster chemical reaction means less carbon and smaller equipment.   Non-Impregnated carbon eliminates worries about exothermic reaction, ignition temperature and toxic disposal.  Can be recycled and reused through thermal reactivation


Why KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) - "Redox"

whole-house-water-filter-KDFKDF is a patented media that is a giant step forward in water purification. KDF media utilizes an old process in a new way - the oxidation and reduction of ions, known as redox... the principle of Oxidation-Reduction or Redox potential. Redox media remove virtually any soluble heavy metal, help prevent mineral hardness scale accumulation, and reduce levels of microorganisms.

Redox reactions, or oxidation-reduction reactions, primarily involve the transfer of electrons between two chemical species. The compound that loses an electron is said to be oxidized, the one that gains an electron is said to be reduced.

KDF process media are high-purity copper-zinc granules used in a number of pretreatment, primary treatment and wastewater treatment applications. KDF media supplement or replace existing technologies to dramatically extend life of the system, control heavy metals, toxic gases and microorganisms, lower total cost, and decrease maintenance. KDF process media work to reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, calcium carbonate, magnesium, chromium, bacteria, algae, fungi, and much more!

Iron and hydrogen sulfide are oxidized into insoluable matter and attach to the surface of the media. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, iron, cadmium and aluminum are removed from the water by the electrochemical process. They are attracted to the surface of the media, much like a magnet.

In short, the redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants. This give and take of electrons converts many harmful contaminants into harmless components, such as chlorine to chloride. Other contaminants, including heavy metals, bond to the KDF media, which greatly reduces or virtually eliminates these substances.



WATERBOY Multi-Reversing Technology Polishes your water!

Compare to Salt Based Water Softeners:

Superior Water’s Multi-Reversing fields technology, patented since 1964.

• Reduces bad tastes and odors from every faucet, bath and shower in the house

• Reduces hard water problems without adding chemicals. Requires no maintenance

• Does not remove essential minerals, which also gives the water a great taste

• Like most spring water, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean and leaves the hair feeling soft

• Requires no reverse osmosis. Provides clean filtered water from every faucet, bath and shower in the house

• No wasted water

• No cartridge filter change, no maintenance.

• System cleans itself automatically once per week; uses approximately as much water as a wash load of clothes

• Discharged water contains no salt and is applied to grass or vegetation whenever possible, eliminating wasted water

• Fleck back rinse valve automatically cleans the system

• No maintenance or repair costs

• Eliminates need for buying bottled water. The convenience of being able to drink delicious water from any faucet, promotes the family to drink more water and contributes to a healthy lifestyle

• Peace of mind knowing that every drop of water flowing through your home has been filtered and conditioned safely.
  Traditional water softeners developed in 1938 using salt or potassium for regeneration.

• Does not filter water

• Requires constant addition of salt or potassium

• Removes vital minerals

• Salt residual left in home water makes water feel slippery or slimy – a common complaint is, “I feel like I can’t wash the soap off”

• Requires reverse osmosis under sink to filter salt from drinking water at one faucet

• Reverse osmosis wastes from 3-5 gallons (depending on model) for each 1 gallon flowing from the faucet

• Reverse osmosis requires filter changes

• Regenerates up to 3 times per week; wastes as much as 150 gallons per week

• Regenerated waste water contains salt and cannot be used on grass or vegetation which it would kill. Many communities are now becoming brine restricted; no longer allowing salt laden waste water to be put down drains because it eventually pollutes ground water

• Requires continuous maintenance and repair costs

• Many people continue to purchase bottled water for drinking and cooking, which tends to be very costly

• The inconvenience of lugging bottles of water from store and sometimes running out, inhibits the habit of drinking water.



Whole House Water Filter - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between the WATERBOY™ System and a salt or potassium soft water system?

A. The difference between the WATERBOY™ System and a salt based system is that the WATERBOY™ system does not require any salt or chemicals. The disadvantages of a salt or potassium water softening system, is that it addresses only one problem, and that is the hardness of the water, it does not filter the water. Salt based systems remove calcium and magnesium minerals and exchange them for sodium chloride or potassium chloride. The result is that there is salt throughout the house, which you have to shower or bathe in, as well as the additives the city puts in the water. Drinking the salt water is not recommended, so a reverse osmosis unit is usually installed to remove the salt. A salt system requires lugging bags of salt or potassium and/or having an exchange unit that requires service people to enter your property on a regular basis. Another disadvantage that we hear from our customers, who have had salt systems, is that they have to replace their hot water tank every 3-5 years, due to corrosion.

Q. What kind of maintenance does it require?

A. There is no maintenance, no salt to add, and no filters to change for 10-15 years.

Q. What does the back wash control valve do?

A. The control valve automatically puts the unit into a back wash mode once a week, which repositions all filtration media, washes out all of the filters, regrades the beds and goes out a 1/2 inch PVC line to a lawn, garden or drain.

Q. Where does the unit get installed?

A. Most units are installed close to the main water line, which is usually in the garage, or close to it.

Q. How much water is used for the weekly back wash?

A. It depends on the size of system, between 25-40 gallons, once/week.

Q. Do I need a reverse osmosis unit?

A. No, the WATERBOY whole house system eliminates the need for any reverse osmosis unit, because there is no salt or potassium to remove.

Q. What are some of the economic benefits of the WATERBOY whole house system?

A. • No salt or potassium to purchase.
• No maintenance costs.
• No reverse osmosis unit, which requires regular costly filter changes.
• Longer life for all appliances. (dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, etc)
• Extended life of plumbing, no replacing of calcified pipes or faucets.
• No water loss from reverse osmosis unit. (they waste from 2 to 5 gallons for every gallon they make).
• No filter changes for 10-15 years.
• No monthly charges.
• No bottled water purchases

Q. How long does it take to install a WATERBOY System?

A. A WATERBOY system takes 1-3 hours to be installed.

Q. How do you know when to change the filters?

A. The industry standard is that 1 cubic ft. (of granular active carbon) will effectively filter 1 million gallons of water.  For example, the WB2000 has 1.5 cubic ft. of granular active carbon. The average family of 4 uses about 70 thousand gallons of water per year, excluding irrigation. This means that in 10 years 700,000 gallons of water would be used, and in 20 years 1.4 million. Since the WATERBOY 2000 will filter 1.5 million gallons, it would take over 20 years before the filters would need to be changed. If the filters are changed between 10-15 years, they are well within that range.

Q. What does the water taste like?

A. Superior water tastes like mountain spring water, because the minerals are left in the water, which gives it a very clean and flavorful taste. As a matter of fact, many bottled water companies are adding minerals to their water to make it taste better.

Q. How do I know what size unit to order?

A. There is a relationship between the water usage, size of the house (showers and baths) and the number of people living there. (If you go to the product description page, it will advise you on the appropriate size system for your home.)

Q. Does the Waterboy filter remove fluoride?

A. No. Fluoride is growing problem, as many municipalities have begun to add it to ur public water supply!!  This is beyond a travesty.  It should be a jailable offense!!  To remove fluoride, you would need to add the extra Fluoride Tank.  (see below for details)  Read just a little more more on Fluoride here. 


There is a WATERBOY™ whole house water filter system to fit every family.
Great fresh-tasting water from every tap!
No Maintenance!
No filters to change for 10-15 years!
Cleaner laundry and dishes with less soap!
No lugging bags of salt!
No electric gadgets or extra tanks!
Extended life on plumbing, water heaters, and appliances!
10 Year, Worry Free warranty!
All Waterboy whole house water filters feature the same pharmaceutical grade Granular Activated Carbon, Catalytic Carbon, Silica Quartz, K.D.F. 55 (Redox Media), external commercial Hydro Industrial fields module, double automatic valve, 1″ line built-in bypass, and 1 Fleck Electro mechanical automatic back rinse control valve.

(Optional 3/4" external “R” module can be added for your hot water tank. Also available with 1.5"-2" commercial Fleck Electro mechanical automatic back rinse control valve. Helps control scale and corrosion  from the hot water side)


     Note for all units:
  • For municipally treated water only.
  • Installed inside or outside.
  • Easily reinstalled to a new location.
  • Prices do not include shipping, installation ($200-$400), or sales tax (in CA).
  • Normal lifespan is 12-20 years, based on water volume and source water condition.
  • Does not address Fluoride very well.  See the optional Fluoride Removal Tank below.
  • Lifetime Warranty on Tank / 10 Year Warranty on Filter Head Control Valve
  • Filter must be installed vertically (does not work in horizontal position) with inflow, outflow and drain in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to meet applicable building codes.
  • Additional costs will apply if you want to operate the system outside USA on another voltage because you need special transformers. If you live in a 220V area please make sure to request a 220V a/c adapter for the main filter head.
  • If you want to filter well water you will need some kind of bacterial "pre-treatment"!  We advise getting an inline UV Water Bug Eradicator system (call for purchasing those).
WATERBOY™ 8000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
6,000 / 12,000+ Sq. Ft.

60 Gallons/Minute

- 18″ x 71″ tank
- Ideal for 6,000 - 12,000 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 3.5 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 50 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
WATERBOY™ 7000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
6,000 / 12,000 Sq. Ft.

50 Gallons/Minute

- 16″ x 74″ tank
- Ideal for 6,000 - 12,000 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 3.5 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 50 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
WATERBOY™ 5000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
4,500 / 6,000 Sq. Ft.
40 Gallons/Minute

- 14″ x 74″ tank
- Ideal for 4,500 - 6,000 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 3 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 40 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
WATERBOY™ 4000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
3,500 / 4,500 Sq. Ft.
30 Gallons/Minute

- 13″ x 63″ tank
- Ideal for 3,500 - 4,500 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 2.5 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 30 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
WATERBOY™ 3000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
2,500 / 3,500 Sq. Ft.
24 Gallons/Minute

- 12″ x 61″ tank
- Ideal for 2,500 - 3,500 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 2 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 24 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional

WATERBOY™ 2000   Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
1,600 / 2,500 Sq. Ft.
14 Gallons/Minute


- 10″ x 63″ tank
- Ideal for 1,600 - 2,500 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 1.5 Million Gallons.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 14 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
WATERBOY™ 948  Whole House Water Filter

Ideal for
1,600 / 2,500 Sq. Ft.
14 Gallons/Minute


- 9″ x 54″ tank
- Ideal for 800 - 1600 Sq. Ft.
- Approximately 1 Million Gallons Capacity.
- 12-20 Years with normal usage.
- Maximum flow rate 10 Gallons Per Minute
- Fluoride Removal Tank Optional
Flouride Removal Tank  $1,495

The Fluoride Removal Media System tank comes with high-grade fluoride removal media designed to completely remove or significantly reduce fluoride, sediment and/or particulate matter from all of the water entering your home for 3 years or 300,000 gallons. The Fluoride system utilizes over 70 pounds of high-performing, premium-grade media (known as Hydroxyapatite / Bone Char) which is considered to significantly outperform other fluoride reduction media such as “activated alumina”.

How it Works:
The water supply passes through over 70 pounds of premium grade, high-performing media which is designed to completely remove or significantly reduce all of the fluoride typically found in city/municipally treated water for the whole house.

  • Backwashes along with main unit.
  • Sizes: Under 5000 sq ft = 10 x 54 inches Over 5000 sq ft = 12 x 52 inches

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Once you have made the decision to order a Waterboy whole house water filter, please contact us to make sure we have considered all your needs.

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