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Lugol's Iodine


Lugol's Iodine

In 1829 a French physician named Jean Guillaume Auguste Lugol originated a solution which contains iodine in a solution of potassium iodide. It has been used steadily ever since it was originated.

Iodine is necessary for the thyroid gland's proper performance of its work. The human thyroid gland is located in the front of the lower part of the neck. All the blood in the body passes through the thyroid gland about every 17 minutes. Because the cells making up this gland have an affinity for iodine, during this 17-minute passage the gland's secretion of iodine kills weak germs that may have gained entry into the blood through an injury to the skin, the lining of nose or throat, or through absorption of food from the digestive tract. Strong, virulent germs are rendered weaker during their passage through the thyroid gland. With each 17 minutes that rolls around they are made still weaker until finally they are killed if the gland has its normal supply of iodine. If it does not, it cannot kill harmful germs circulating in the blood as nature intended.

This gland performs other functions besides killing harmful germs in the blood.

The first is the rebuilding of energy with which to do the day's work. There is a definite relationship between the amount of energy you have and your iodine intake. The first question in the presence of a condition of depleted energy is, ďIs the soil of the state in which one lives iodine-poor?Ē Second, ďis the deficiency being made up by supplementary means?Ē

A second function of iodine is to calm the body and relieve nervous tension. When nervous tension runs high there is irritability and difficulty in sleeping well at night, and the body is continually on a combat basis, organized for fight and flight. All these points stress a body's need for iodine to lessen nervous tension, relax the body and enable it to organize for peace and quiet, by the building and storing of body reserves against time of need.

A third function of iodine in the human body relates to clear thinking. The mind simply works better when the body is supplied the iodine it needs. Then there is the matter of the storing of unwanted fat.  Iodine is one of the best oxidizing catalysts we have. A catalyst is the match which touches off in the body the fire that burns up the food we take in each day. If this food is not properly burned off, it may be stored as unwanted fat.

Now while the thyroid gland helpfully stores iodine from the blood passing through it every 17 minutes, the gland may also be made to lose that stored iodine if, for example, we take in drinking water which chlorine is added, or use too much sodium chloride, whose common name is table salt. There is a well-known law of halogen displacement. The halogen group is made up as follows:

Halogen                                     Atomic Weight
Fluorine                                                   19.
Chlorine                                              35.5
Bromine                                              80.
Iodine                                                127.

The critical activity of any one of these four halogens is in inverse proportion to its atomic weight. This means that any one of the four can displace the element with a higher atomic weight, but cannot displace an element with a lower atomic weight. For example, fluorine can displace chlorine, bromine and iodine because fluorine has a lower atomic weight than the other three. Similarly, chlorine can displace bromine and iodine because they both have a higher atomic weight. Likewise, bromine can displace iodine from the body because iodine has a higher atomic weight. But a reverse order is not possible.  Knowledge of this well-known chemical law brings us to a consideration of the addition of chlorine to our drinking water as a purifying agent. We secure a drinking water that is harmful to the body not because of its harmful germ content, but because the chlorine content now causes the body to lose the much-needed iodine.

It is well established that the iodine content of the thyroid gland is dependent upon the iodine available in the food and water intake of the individual. If the iodine intake is low the gland is deprived of an element it needs to do its work. Because we may live in an iodine-poor area; because drinking water may be treated with chlorine; because we may be sick too often, lack energy and endurance, develop nervous tension, lack the ability of clear thinking, and accumulate unwanted fatÖ how shall we go about bringing up the iodine content of the body to the point needed? There are three ways:

1. Eating foods which analysis has shown are particularly rich in iodine. Among these are: all food out of the ocean, radishes, asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage, egg yolk, and onions.
2. Painting a small area of the body with tincture of iodine.
3. Taking preparations known to be rich in iodine. One of these is cod-liver oil. Another is Lugol's solution of iodine. Still another is kelp.



As a Supplement:  When used to maintain the iodine content of the body the dose is small and is taken only on certain days of the week. When the mineral content of the body is analyzed, only a trace of iodine is found. Ten drops of iodine represent more iodine than is found in the entire body.  For this reason, the dose of Lugol's 2% solution of iodine is Ĺ to 1 drop, depending on your body weight.  If you weigh 150 pounds or less, for example, your dose to maintain the normal iodine content of the body is Ĺ drop, taken at one meal twice weekly.  Example: Tuesday and Friday of each week. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, the dose should be 1 drop instead of Ĺ.. It is useful to remember that the human body works on the minimum of anything it needs.

 If there should be a rise in sickness in the area where you live, it would be well to take the Lugol's solution three times a week instead of two.  For example: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for the purpose of storing up reserve.

Common Uses of Lugolís Iodine:

  • Treatment of iodine deficiency. Low iodine contributes to goiter, cretinism, and underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism).
  • Treatment of overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). Iodine shrinks the thyroid gland to normal size and regulates the production of thyroid hormones.
  • After exposure to radiation supplemental iodine blocks the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine. This protects the thyroid from damage and reduces the risk of thyroid cancer caused by radiation.
  • Disinfects wounds to the skin when applied topically.
  • Emergency disinfection of drinking water.


Lugolís Iodine for Upset Stomachs:  Foods prepared in unsanitary conditions can make you sick. Always keep in mind that Lugolís iodine offers digestive support and defense against food born pathogens. At the first sign of digestive trouble, mix 12 drops of Lugolís iodine in ľ cup of water. After 1 hour drink another dose if needed. Take up to 4 doses per day. You may start to feel better within minutes!*

If upset stomach or discomfort becomes severe or persists for more than 24 hours, consult your healthcare professional.

Donít let an upset stomach caused by questionable food run its course. Donít let H. pylori bacteria and other unwelcome guests cause more damage.*

In the Kitchen:  It is paramount to eat clean produce. Rinsing with water alone is not enough when it comes to washing the fruits and vegetables you buy at the market. Fruits and vegetables are potential sources of food-borne illness. Take extra care in washing organic food that is often fertilized with manure as well as all fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw. *

Veggie Wash Directions:  Place two quarts (2L) of water in a bowl and add 1 dropper full to make an approximately 12 1/2 ppm iodine solution. Add 2 full droppers to make an approximately 25-ppm iodine solution.  Completely submerge produce for 1 minute or more. Agitate food well. Rinsing is optional. DO NOT SAVE the water for later use. It will lose its potency and color. Add more Lugolís once the water turns clear.   The CA Health Code states that the 25ppm concentration qualifi≠es as a sanitation solution for restaurants and is as strong as a 100ppm chlorine solution.*

When Traveling:  Lugol's iodine has been used for decades by travelers to foreign lands to wash their fruits and vegetables.

In your bathroom:  But donít stop there; did you know your toothbrush is loaded with bacteria. We all keep our toothbrush in the dirtiest room in the house. It is a known fact that bacteria settle on toothbrushes and can easily re-infect you every time you use it. *

Stomach Saver!   Always keep in mind that Lugolís is a natural stomach support and defense.  When needed, mix 12 drops of Dr. Clark Lugolís Stomach Saver in ľ cup of water.  After 1 hour drink another dose if needed. If food poisoning or discomfort becomes severe or persists for more than 24 hours, consult your health care professional.*


DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO IODINE. If you are allergic to shellfish, then you are also allergic to Iodine.

Store at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.





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